Wendy Goff

Wendy was a cheeky blonde from Bedfordshire, a scrumptious air hostess who took part in beauty competitions when she didn’t have her head in the clouds. She won the titles of Miss Lovely, Miss Exquisite Form, Miss Southend, Miss Bikini, Miss England, Miss Great Britain and Miss United Kingdom.

(To foreign visitors who struggle with the various names of our country – my greatest sympathy. Actually it’s not too difficult. England is England, Scotland is Scotland, Wales is Wales and Northern Ireland is Northern Ireland. When we play football against each, the fans wave the flag of their country. Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland (from the 17th century when the Union Flag first appeared) and the United Kingdom is Great Britain and Northern Ireland (19th century, when the diagonal red cross appeared in the Union Flag. By the way, it is only called the Union Jack when it is flown at the front of a warship when alongside or at anchor. So there. Back to the interesting stuff.)

Wendy appears to have been one of those models who was ‘found’ as a result of the invitation for hopeful girls to submit their pics to ToCo and see what happened. What happened was that Brewster made her pick of the month in the next edition of Spick. She certainly had what it takes – pretty face, great legs and that essence of  “Oh! You can see my knickers” Isn’t this fun?”

She loved tennis and croquet – and probably enjoyed putting men through hoops as well.

Appearances  -  11, debut Span 153 (May 1967)

Spick  -  173, 190, 191

Span  -  153, 154, 156, 177, 229

Beautiful Britons  -  139

Spick & Span Extra - 23, 25