Vicky Ashley

A vivacious brown-eyed redhead from London, Vicky was hailed by ToCo in 1970 as being “the newest and most photogenic model in town”. Her ToCo career spanned only five years, not because she was not popular with readers − on the contrary – but because she emigrated to Australia.

It would seem that she never worked under any other name (apart from the variation of Vicky or Vicki – but that may be one of ToCo’s many cock-ups) , but in Spick & Span Extra 34 (spring 1970) she does indeed appear as Vicky Ashley, whilst a few pages later there is a girl called Marion Crawford − who looks suspiciously like Vicky. What do you think?

A brief linguistic aside. It is interesting to note that, in all the shoots I have seen of Vicky, she keeps her stockings up with what we in the UK call a garter belt. That is, the type of suspender belt with a waistband of the same width as the suspenders. In the US, all suspender belts are called garter belts. And braces (the things that hold up trousers in the UK) are called suspenders in the US. Now Monty Python’s sketch about lumberjacks wearing “suspendies and a bra” should make a little more sense. Or perhaps not.

Picture editor Robin Brewster tells us she that, before she turned to modelling, she was a manicurist. Well, she can rub my cuticles any time.

Personal details  -  37-23-36

Appearances  -  13. Her debut is a bit tricky as it must be unique. She first appeared in the January 1970 editions of all three main titles (and the Spring 1970 edition of Spick & Span Extra). But Beautiful Britons 170 hit the streets on 17 December 1969, Spick 194 on 20 December 1969 and Span 185 on 6 January 1970 – so it has to be BB 170.

Spick  -  194, 197, 218

Span  -  185, 209

Beautiful Britons  -  170, 171, 175, 187, 189, 196, 234

Spick & Span Extra  -  34