Vicki Munro

Vicki Munro

Also known as  -  Janet Munro

Vicki was a bubbly, bouncy – and very naughty − Scottish girl with hazel brown eyes. She was, without doubt, one of Fullarton’s  Bearsden girls.

She was said to have been a short-hand typist and a fashion model. We can have no idea of her proficiency in the first but her poise, fabulous legs and vivacious personality were captured to perfection and I am in no doubt she could have made it as a fashion model – even if she were not.

We see her in all the usual Fullarton locations to which he dragged most of his models, and in the pillow fight scenario (with Fiona Stuart) that he seemed to enjoy so much. In fact, Vicki seems to fill all the boxes in the Fullarton checklist, so it is difficult to understand why she only appeared in eight magazines in the ten years she modelled for ToCo (February 1964 to May 1974) – and she almost certainly never appeared elsewhere. Perhaps she got bored with it all; or perhaps Fullarton became a little too demanding.

Like sisters Fiona and Sara Stuart, Vicki went to a well-known girls’ public school (was it the same one, I wonder?). For some reason, photo editor Brewster called her Janet in Span 183. She loved tennis and winter sports, and riding her horse around the Scottish countryside.

Personal details  -  Born 1947       35-22-35

Appearances  -  8, debut Span 114 (February 1964)

Span  -  114, 124, 183, 216, 237(bc)

Beautiful Britons  -  106, 112, 190