Terry Brown

Terry Brown

Red-haired and shapely part-time model and secretary in a publisher’s office, Terry’s ambition was to be a fashion model. But that requires a girl to be tall and willowy – and little Terry was petite, to put it nicely, however comely her figure. 

She didn’t make that many appearances, but she was certainly one of the prettiest and most natural girls to appear in the ToCo titles – so maybe she was snaffled up and married at an early age by a man who didn’t want to share her with the rest of us. Rotten sod!

Personal details  -  Born 1936    38-23-37    5ft 4½in (164cm)

Appearances  -  4, debut Beautiful Britons 25 (November 1957)

Spick  -  49

Span  -  39

Beautiful Britons  -  25, 28