Teri Martine

Also kown as  -  Julie Nash, Valerie James, Cleo Caine

Teri was born Valerie Christine Arscott in Rochford, Essex in late 1944. She went to Hullbridge Primary School and then Dowsett High School.

Teri liked to play dress up and was a bit of a tomboy in her younger days. In her late teens, she got the job as manager of a local dress salon − and then saw an ad in the local newspaper, The Southend Standard, that was to change her life for ever. It was for a modelling job and, before long, she was inundated with bookings for amateur model gigs, working under the name of Valerie James. She quit her full-time job and began her professional modelling career as Teri Martine in 1964 at the age of 20. The choice of pseudonym, says www.pamela-green.com, comes from two men she got engaged to − not, presumably, at the same time; one was called Terry, the other Martin, who became her first husband. She also worked under the names of Julie Nash and Cleo Kane.

Teri worked briefly for the Rosaleigh-Ann Model Agency, making her first ever appearance on the front cover of the British magazine Reveille in 1964. She then hooked up with another modelling agency, Strobe Studios, run by the iconic queen of photographic models, June Palmer herself. They quickly became best friends, which is refreshing to hear – they could so easily have been bitter rivals, blonde and brunette beauties trying to outdo each other in front of the camera of the king of glamour photography in the UK, George Harrison Marks. Teri did five stills shoots and one glamour movie with him between March and November, 1966; Solo 52 featured stills from all five. She also appeared in Kameras 75, 78, 79 and 86, this time on the cover. She also featured in Marks’ 8mm glamour films Everything in the Garden's Lovely and The Mummy. Their professional relationship developed into a short-term love affair.

But Teri worked by no means exclusively for Marks. She also posed for Russell Gay and Arthur Howell (Mr June Palmer), appeared in scores of different tiles, and did everything from car shows and amateur group sessions at various studios to promotions and commercial stuff for advertising throughout the 1960s. She never made it in the acting world and had but one credit to her name – co-starring with Britt Hampshire in the 1968 British soft-core romp For Men Only.

The real difference between the two girls was that Teri went in for what modern marketeers call diversification; she branched out and began modelling such fetish items as leather, latex and vinyl garments. Among the fetish magazines and adult publications Martine did pictorials for are Pussycat, Latex Nurse, Adam, Follies, Beau, Parade, Bizarre and Ace. Although June Palmer dabbled in some vaguely bondage stuff for Marks, she never really went far down that path, as fellow HM model Rosa Domaille did, though I doubt he was behind the camera in those famous sequences.

On 3 July 1967, Teri married Martin Charles Harper at Southend-on-Sea Register Office. It was a relationship that can’t have lasted long as she moved to the States in 1969 and married a US Marine. For about six months, she worked as a Bunny at a Playboy Club, before eventually quitting and finding another gig as a glamour model. She still continues to do costume bondage and S&M photo shoots and short film loops for her official website. And, bless her, spends a lot of her time doing care work for the elderly,

At the time of writing, she is alive and well, aged 69 and living in Walworth, Wisconsin – but has changed her name to Valerie Christine Dudek. She has a Facebook page under the name of Valerie Arscott-Dudek.

Teri Martine was one of the most beautiful, as opposed to girl-next-door pretty, models of her age. Lovely blonde hair, a body more Rubenesque than sylph-like, big-hipped and well-proportioned, built for comfort not speed. What burned itself onto the retinas of many a young lad from that era was her plump, smooth, hairless pussy and a very prominent clitoris. Neither of those delights, of course, was ever made available to the ToCo mags.

Personal details  -  Born 29 October 1944                        Eyes green       37-24-37          5ft 2in (1.58m)

Appearances  -  8, debut Beautiful Britons 129 (August 1966)

Spick  -  164

Span  -  157, 180, 221

Beautiful Britons  -  129???, 139, 148, 149