Sylvia Martin

A London girl and professional dancer with a modern jazz troupe, Sylvia loved show jumping and had the occasional flutter on the horses, but her real passion was the theatre – she was intent on entering “the world of footlights and greasepaint”.

I don’t think she made it but she certainly had the looks; in fact I would say she was stunningly gorgeous. She always reminds me of another real ToCo beauty – Dawn Grayson; but somehow more amateur (in the kindest sense of the word), more credible as the girl next door when she lifted her skirt to give you an eyeful of stocking tops, suspenders and knickers. Definitely one of my favourites – but then I’m biased; I have a thing about pleated skirts and fully-fashioned stockings. And Sylvia invariably wore one or the other, sometimes both.

There was another model called Sylvia Martin 10 years before this one; she appeared in, at least, Spick & Span Annual 1 from 1957, and Spick & Span Extra 4 from the autumn of 1959. Though I simply cannot believe the passing of a decade could bring about such a transformation of ugly duckling to beautiful swan, so those are not counted in the appearances below.

Personal details  -  Born 1945       36-24-36 

Appearances  -  12, debut Span 130 cover (June 1965)

Spick  -  40, 143, 220, 269

Span  -  130, 138, 255

Beautiful Britons  -  115, 128

Spick & Span Extra  -  16, 42, 61