Susanne and Maddy Kent  

Also known as  -  Nicola Austin (not confirmed)

This listing is unique in that we are talking about two models, Susanne and Madelaine − identical twins. They came from the Glasgow area of Scotland but went to finishing school in Switzerland. Actually, ToCo only provides this information for Susanne – but you know what twins are like; and you know what ToCo is like, so it is probably a load of baloney anyway. Susanne was also said to be a beauty consultant.

Maddy (or was it Susanne?) appeared solo only once but they did feature together in a number of duo sets – including playing tennis (in the unlikely garb of shorts and stockings and suspenders. Now if they did that at Wimbledon the grunts would be coming from the spectators and not the players) and fooling around at a canal lock.

And photographer Fullarton’s bathroom is on display, so we can assume they were Bearsden girls. Susanne was one from the stable who was willing to do some not-to-be published shots but must have put her foot down about DKs – she is one of the few Bearsden girls not to be seen in them. Susanne is also reputed to have appeared in Relax 25, though I cannot confirm this.

Personal details  -  Born 1942    36-24-36    5ft 6in (1.68m)

Appearances  -  16, debut Span 135 (November 1965)

Spick  -  145, 150, 154, 196???, 221

Span  -  135((bc), 137, 144, 154(bc), 188(bc), 196

Beautiful Britons  -  127, 161

Spick & Span Extra  -  24, 26, 39