Susan Ashford


Susan Ashford

Susan was yet another of the Scottish models from Ayrshire – a Bearsden girl. She was a housewife who loved skating and dancing, and worked as a secretary in a fashion house in Glasgow. But her smiling eyes and bright personality gave her that special something that made her just as stunning as the professionals.

Despite her slightly crooked front teeth – or perhaps because of them − she was the essence of Spick and Span beauty, with great legs, a sense of fun and a beguilingly sultry smile; a well-built auburn-haired lass who appeared in the last few years of the ToCo dynasty.

Which may go some way to explaining why photographer Fullarton, who succeeded in persuading many a Bearsden girl to take off her bra in sequences that remained private, finally got such a set published – ToCo was desperate to try and catch up with the plethora of more adventurous and daring magazines on the bookstands at that time. But, as we all know now, they were fighting a losing battle.

Personal details  -  Born mid 1940s          36-23-36         5'5" (165cm)

Appearances  -  19, debut Span 113 (January 1964)

Spick  -  124, 125, 155, 196, 197, 204, 207, 231, 250

Span  -  113, 116, 131, 211(bc), 238

Beautiful Britons  -  99, 105, 222, 238, 250