Shirley Epps

Shirley Epps

Born Shirley R. Epps in Ashford, Kent, she was one of the early models, making her first appearance in the late ‘50s.

To me, she was one of the archetypical ToCo models, portraying exactly what the company claimed to display – Beautiful Britons. She had a perfect figure, gorgeous legs and a personality that spilled from the page. Perhaps she was more stunningly pretty than beautiful – but she was most definitely a gorgeous girl-next-door rather than a professional model. What’s the difference? Difficult to put your finger on − but a more genuine smile, a little more gauche in attitude (as if she were not as used to prancing around in front of the camera in her knickers and suspenders as the pros) and more natural than posed.

Shirley came from a beautiful part of England but was attracted to the glamour of the city like a moth to a candle and, after becoming a beauty queen at 16 or 17, she was intent on carving out a career in fashion or photographic modelling.

Sadly, that’s about all we were allowed to know about her.

Personal Details  -  Born December 1941              34-23-36

Appearances  -  12, debut Beautiful Britons 38 (December 1958)

Spick  -  70, 81, 82, X6

Span  -  X5

Beautiful Britons  -  38, 39, 40, 54, X14, X15

Funfare  -  11