Sheree Winton

Sheree Winton

Sheree was another of the girls featured in the ToCo mags whose life on the surface was one of fame and glamour, but that ended tragically.

She was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire as Shirley Patrick. In 1954, she married Gary Winton, whom she divorced in 1965, and had a son, the actor and TV presenter Dale Winton.

She was a successful actress, appearing in many films, including the Bond movie Thunderball. Because of her blonde tresses and ample bust, Sheree was often referred to as “the English Jayne Mansfield”.

In 1976, at the age of 40, Sheree committed suicide after a lifelong battle with depression by taking an overdose of barbiturates.

Personal details  -  Born 4 November 1935, died 29 May 1976   40-22-37          5ft 6½in (169cm)

Appearances  -  11, debut Span 42 (February 1958)

Spick  -  52, 94

Span  -  42, 98

Beautiful Britons  -  29, 31, 41, 80, 84, X5

Spick & Span Holiday  -  2