Sharon Gale

One of the Yorkshire troupe of models, dark-haired Sharon started modelling in the cities of the north after she left college. She enjoyed pop music, a good read and outdoor sports. Although she wasn’t the prettiest of girls, Sharon looked stunning in her old gymslip and black stockings.

She was in the same genre of model as Jane Paul, who varied between grumpy and smiling, and never showed quite the same sense of fun that girls like Anne Scott and Nicola Taylor so obviously got out of lifting their skirts for us. But as she appeared on the scene only eleven months before ToCo drew up the drawbridge, we will never know whether she would have got the hang of it. Such a shame – she had considerable promise.

Personal details  -  36-36-37

Appearances  -  3, debut Beautiful Britons 241(December 1975)

Beautiful Britons  -  241, 242

Spick & Span Extra  -  59