Sarah Moon

Also known as  -  Sarah Cunningham, Sarah King

Sarah was a pretty brunette with long tresses, a beautiful figure and good legs. She was another of those models who exuded personality and fun. She worked in a bank when she wasn’t showing you her knickers, and was a music lover of catholic taste (that means she liked a broad spectrum of music, not that she listened solely to Ave Maria).

She was not exclusive to ToCo mags – she was also seen in at least one of the Search series available elsewhere on this site.

Although she modelled in the early- to mid-70s, when tights were sadly, definitely and irrevocably established as everyday items of hosiery, ToCo claims that she thought “sleek nylons  and a set of neat suspenders” were “utterly glam”. (A set of suspenders? Makes them sound like something out of a box of Meccano. Oh dear – that’s a pre-Lego construction set, kiddies.) Well be that as it may – it’s obvious her mum never taught her how to wear them properly; she always put her knickers on first, so the suspenders were on top of everything. Tricky situation if you’re caught short.

Personal details  -  37-24-36

Appearances  -  10, debut back cover Spick 242 (January 1974, though hit the street in December 1973, which is why it precedes her cover appearance in Span 233 of the same date) – or possibly Beautiful Britons 195 (February 1972).

Spick  -  242(bc), 244, 263

Span  -  233, 241, 254, 264

Beautiful Britons  -  195?, 222, 244