Real name Norma Ann Sykes

Sabrina was in Stockport in Cheshire before moving with her mother to Blackpool. She spent much of her childhood in hospital after contracting polio, but became a very famous model, film actress and TV celebrity with gorgeous blonde tresses. And a chest of pneumatic bliss.

One of those TV shows made her a household name and she was front page news in the UK for some time, but not in the best way – critics were of the opinion that she had but two star qualities, both of them oustanding. Although her main attraction was her bust, it didn’t actually look that impressively large, despite the exaggerated vital statistics given to the press – she just wore one of those round-‘em-up-point-‘em-out bras known as a torpedo bra, so the contents could almost take an eye out in the literal sense of the phrase. But coupled with a tiny waist and fecund hips, the result was dynamite, and they were insured for £100,000. Perhaps why that’s why she was soon snaffled up by Dr Harold Melsheimer, a Hollywood gynæcologist and moved to the States in 1963. The marriage lasted ten years. Unbelievably for someone so poorly educated because of most of her school years were spent in hospital,  she was even granted an Honorary Doctorate of Letters − D.Litt (Hon).

In 2002, the Mail on Sunday reported that she was broken and living alone in squalor. Three years later, they retracted the story and printed an apology. She was happy and living in “a desirable residence” in some comfort. As far as we know, she is the only ToCo model to have an entry in Wikipedia Google on her and spend a few hours going through it all.

For all the hype, she cannot be categorised as a Spick and Span girl – there are very few photos of her wearing stockings and suspenders, and none of the iconic you’re-looking-up-my-skirt-aren’t-you poses.

Personal details  -  Born 19 May 1936      42-19-36

Appearances  -  23, debut Span 6 (February 1955)

Spick  -  15, 18, 48(bc),131, 132

Span  -  6, 23, 33, 38(bc), 39, 103

Beautiful Britons  -  1, 5, 8, 20, 25

Spick & Span Extra  -  2, 56 Spring, 10, 14

66  -  04, 24, 31, 34 and possibly others.