Rachael Kildare

Rachael Kildare - Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons Model.

Rachael was an American model from California, an interesting departure from ToCo’s usual category of model; although, in my opinion, she looked much more British than American. She moved to the UK and worked as a doctor’s receptionist.

She was a natural model – not the most stunning of faces but a good figure, fabulous legs and a pert and kissable bum. She displayed the diaphanous underwear of the ‘50s superbly; you felt you could reach out and touch them, feel the sensual slipperiness of those nylon big knickers.

Looker or not, Rachael always looked as if she were enjoying herself – a girlfriend up for a bit of naughty fun (“oh alright then, if it turns you on”) rather than trying to break into the serious modelling business by earning a few bob on smutty pics. In many of her sequences, she wears fully-fashioned stockings – not out of personal preference but because they are what ALL girls wore then. Maybe that’s where the expression “the good old days” comes from.

Personal Details  -  None

Appearances  -  7, debut Span 61 (September 1969)

Spick  -  X9, X10

Span  -  61, 63

Beautiful Britons  -  48, X14, X15