Patricia Hazel Smith

Also known as  -  Claire Martin

One of the very early models who managed to appear 15 times in her two-and-a-half -year career, Pat Smith was one of the archetypes of later ToCo style – very much the girl next door, or perhaps mum next door would be more appropriate. A housewife, secretary and part-time model with TV ambitions, she had a sweet smile, a bubbly personality that is apparent even on the printed page, and great legs. And as she was photographed in the 1950s, she wore only fully fashioned nylons – and occasionally a girdle!

She was one of the girls who appeared under a bewildering array of names; indeed she had a bewildering array of names – Patricia Hazel Mary! She used a combination of them all, as well as, I believe, the alter ego of Claire Martin. I am willing to stand corrected on this – a different hairdo and colour can change a girl’s appearance radically. But everybody knows that – especially husbands who are stuck for a choice of birthday present.

Pat’s short career, by all accounts, was not due to lack of popularity but because she emigrated from Cheltenham Spa (or Kenton in Middlesex, depending on which version of Robin Brewster’s blurb you would prefer to accept) to New Zealand. Had she stayed in the UK, it is not impossible that she may have reached the heights of popularity of Anne Scott a decade later.

Personal details  -  36-23-37

Appearances  -  15, debut Spick 21 (August 1955)

Spick  -  21, 53

Span  -  8, 12, 19, 28, X3

Beautiful Britons  -  4, 14, 30

Spick & Span Extra  -  2 56Spring, 4 56Aut, 5 56Win, 6 57Spring

Annual  -  1