Patricia McGregor


Patricia McGregor

Pat is another of those models whose relatively rare appearances beggars belief. It is true she was more of the mum-next-door (MILF in modern parlance) than the girl-next-door. But if you had started going out with her daughter and the day dawned that she wanted to take you home for tea and meet mum, you would have been in a pickle. “Thanks for sharing the scones with me and your daughter, Mrs McGregor. Any chance of a sandwich?”

Pat was the quintessential stocking model, indeed ToCo informs us she was a fashion model, specialising in lingerie. She had fantastic legs that filled a pair of Aristocs to perfection; an exquisite figure that was only accentuised when she put on a basque to hold up her stockings; a perfectly innocent and genuine smile that said, “What do you mean, I’m showing you my stocking tops and knickers? Don’t be so silly. I’m old enough to be your mum”; alternatively ToCo tells us she was a drama teacher, or should that be drama queen – “What do you mean, I’ve forgotten to put my skirt on?”

As her name suggest, she was another of the Scottish models, though there is no trace of Fullarton in her photos. Or is that his front door and hall in a so-far unidentified BB after all? ToCo loved girls from Scotland so much. Why then, Brewster, didn’t you give us more of Pat McGregor?

Personal details  -  37-24-36

Appearances  -  9, debut Spick 66 (May 1959)

Spick  -  66, 68, 73

Span  -  63, X7

Beautiful Britons  -  45, 47, X10 59Sum

Funfare  -  28