Pamela Burton                     

Also known as  -  Pamela Beeston

Pamela Burton

Pam did not appear in that many ToCo mags but is included because she is one my personal favourites – she wore girdles (with her nylon big knickers over them) and seamed stockings. Simple as that. No apologies offered.

Picture editor Robin Brewster leaves us in doubt as to whether she comes from the Midlands or County Durham. But as most of his blurbs say the latter, that’s what we’ll settle for. Wherever she lived, she seems to have been a short-hand typist whose hobbies were pop music and dancing. Nothing to write home about there, then.

What is a little special about Pam is that she sometimes looks even grumpier than Jane Paul – perhaps haughty would be the better word. So much so, that I can easily imagine her in more specialised fetish magazines playing the role of the dominatrix, clad in leather and whip in hand. But as she has the slight awkwardness of model who is a true amateur, I very much doubt whether she progressed that far.

Personal details  -  Born 1945       36-24-36

Appearances  -  5, debut Spick 93 (August 1961)

Spick  -  93

Span  -  85, 86, 90

Beautiful Britons  -  229