Pamela Bevan

Pamela Bevan

A Scottish blonde from Dundee, says picture editor Robin Brewster in most of the caption texts for this young lady. Except for one – where he writes that she comes from Lancashire in the north of England.  I don’t believe they are two different girls, so was he just exhibiting his oft-practiced perverse pleasure of trying to confuse us – or had he just got back to the office after a heavy pub lunch when he penned that one? Probably the latter.

Pam went to ballet classes as a young girl and left home when she was 14 to head for The Smoke (London to non-Brits) on a quest for fame and fortune.  She was one of the First Generation of ToCo models, making her first appearance in 1957. She also took singing lessons to add another string to her bow. She can’t be accused of not aiming high – her ambition was no less than the acme of global entertainment in those days, the London Palladium. She certainly found herself well on the way to that dream when she was hired at the famous (or infamous) Windmill theatre and established herself as a showgirl. This was a springboard that propelled her into some of the upmarket clubs on what ToCo nostalgically refers to as “the Continent” – what we Brits called Europe before the Channel linked us physically. She performed at top establishments in Rome and Paris, where a two-week gig ended with her staying a year.

Encouraged by this, she returned to the UK and tried to break into films. Without, it would seem, the greatest of success.

Pam was one of the first of ToCo’s harem to shake the mothballs out of her old gymslip and tease us with the innocent, tomboy schoolgirl look. Others did a much better job of it.

Personal details  -  Born 1938       38-23-38

Appearances  -  9, debut Span 35 (July 1957)

Spick  -  47, X2

Span  -  35, X1 58Spring

Beautiful Britons  -  22, X5

Spick & Span Extra  -  9 57Win

Spick & Span Annual  -  2

66  -  21