Anne Bowry

Anne Bowry

Also known as  -  Anne Bowery, Anne Aubrey

Anne was one of the very early ToCo girls, making her first appearance in 1955 just over a year after everything started. She came from Fulham in London, was a fashion model by age 16, a showroom model and then went freelance.

Just after her 16th birthday, she appeared in a live TV broadcast with animals, then in a film magazine for Pathe, also with wild animals, In fact, she was photographed with animals so many times she became known as the Tarzan Girl. Anne did some great duo sequences − not very wild but featuring girdles − in the early days with Sula Freeman.

A word of explanation for younger readers about Pathe. When you went to the cinema in those days, you got a lot more for you money than you do now. Before the big film started there was another, usually shorter, film – the B Picture. And between the two films there was an interval (with ladies coming into the auditorium with a tray hanging round their neck selling ice cream, sweets and orange juice) and always a newsreel of what had happened in the country during the previous week. One of the producers of those newsreels was Pathé.

We know very little about Anne Bowry (or Bowery), except that she appeared in 10 magazines between 1955 and 1956. And was never seen again. Until 16 years later, when she appeared, perhaps for the very last time, in single shot in Span 217 in September 1972 – and that was a reprint of a photo from a sequence in the summer 1956 edition of Spick & Span Extra. Which must be one of the strangest occurrences in ToCo history.

But the explanation for those ‘blackout’ years may lie in information recently provided by Tocofan. She changed her name to Anne Aubrey – about who we know a great deal − and appeared in a number of films in the in the 1960s. She achieved some form of notoriety in her marriage to the actor Darren Nesbitt (short, blond, curly hair with a sneering smile who was often perfectly cast as a Nazi). It was a tumultuous relationship of proportions approaching the far more gladiatorial Burton-Taylor marriage(s). It ended in divorce in 1973, a year after that republished shot in Span 217 – which makes that reappearance even more interesting. Who instigated it? And why? Did she really think she had a chance of making a comeback as a pin-up model having fought on the front line of public marriage combat?

She remarried in 1975 to Peter Blatchley. Both are alive and well and live in Wroxham in Norfolk.

Personal details  -  Born 1 January 1937             36-26-38

Appearances  -  10, debut Beautiful Britons 2 (December 1955)

Spick  -  27

Span  -  217

Beautiful Britons  -  2, 3, 6, 9

Spick & Span Extra  -  2 56 Spring, 3 56 Summer, 5 56Winter

Spick & Span Annual  -  1