Molly Peters             

Also known as  -  Carla Houseman, Wanda Wainwright

Molly Peters

Molly is an enigma. She worked not just under two names but two very different personae.

We see her as a glamorous honey-blonde in the ToCo universe and a raven-haired beauty in the Harrison Marks empire. Stockings and suspender pin-ups in Spick and Span and full-frontal nudity in most of the Marks titles – shaven pussy and exaggerated poses and all.

ToCo picture editor Robin Brewster said she was a continental courier who spoke several European languages. But he also said she was a country girl and children’s nanny before entering show biz. I believe it is almost definite that her appearances in ToCo were not commissioned shoots but material bought from Harrison Marks.

Marks put Molly in many of his books, the first being Kamera 50 (late 1962). But she went on to appear in Amber, Coral, Solo as well as Kamera 51, 52, 54, 57, 60, 73, 75 and 89. She also did several glamour movies for him − 'Molly Peters', 'Brush with a Body', 'As Nature Intended' with Frankie Young and Sophia Dawn, and the Harrison Marks full-length feature film, The Naked World of Harrison Marks.

That was one persona.

The other was a straight actress, working with Sean Connery in Thunderball and appearing in other mainstream movies.

Personal details  -  36-23-36

Appearances  -  8, debut BB 88 (February 1963)

Spick  -  113, 179

Span  -  103, 219

Beautiful Britons  -  88, 120, 155, 236