Model Profiles

Listed below is a selection of some of the more popular models of the time. Each profile has a short history and as many personal details as we have been able to find, and of course a small picture gallery. 

Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons alone published pictures of more than 4600 different girls during their 23 year reign. The models have been catalogued in alphabetical order by surname, showing you which girls appeared in which magazines. So, if there is a particular girl that you are interested in, you can see at a glance which books her pictures appeared in by accessing the Full Model List. We have also provided a file for the most popular models that ToCo featured, giving information about how many magazines they appeared in and how many covers they were seen on.

Good quality information is hard to come by and a great deal of work and time has been put into collating all of this. We are always interested in information about the models used in these publications, so any snippets that you might have − if you know any of the girls, anything at all − will always be gratefully received, and help these pages to stay up-to-date and relevant. Please regard this as work in progress.