Maureen Jeggo

Maureen was one of the early ToCo girls. She came from Kent and lived in Bexley. She was a typist with a burning ambition to make it as a big-time model − and it would seem she was intent on it as she contacted ToCo, not the other way round. She certainly soon became a showgirl at the Irving Theatre; not surprising really – she had legs that went all the way to the top.

The blurb of Span 42 from February 1958 shows just how much the world has changed in so many ways – “with opportunities for all kinds of exciting jobs so prevalent these days…”; how many millions of unemployed people would love to read stuff like that in a newspaper, let alone a pin-up mag. And it continues, with one of the strangest profiles ToCo ever penned – “her hobbies, apart from boyfriends, run to dancing, knitting and cooking.” It is difficult to imagine anyone getting away with writing stuff like that nowadays.

She was also one of the girls persuaded to shake the mothballs out of her old gymslip and tease us with a bit of St. Trinian’s naughtiness. Black seamed stockings and all.

Maureen was not a ToCo exclusive and also posed for Harrison Marks in at least one edition of QT. But, as the five-o’clock shadow visible through her sheer, white knickers in Span Extra 3 from Autumn 1958 proves, she was not one of Marks’ permanently smooth-pussied models. I have never seen a nude photo of her, which explains why. By English law in those days, such ‘art studies’ could show no pubic hair – and it was easier to get the models to shave; all that was left to be retouched were any shots revealing the labial cleft. And talking about the changes that have taken place since 1958, it’s fascinating to see how things go in cycles. More than 50 years ago, nearly all photographic models removed their pubic hair – now many non-models do as well. Who says the old days were the best!

Personal details  -  Born 1941       38-23-37

Appearances  -  8. Her first appearances were in Spick 51 and Span 42, both from February 1958. But as Spick was published on the 20th of the preceding month and Span on the 6th of the current month, her debut must be recorded as being Spick 51. She may be unique in that she also appeared in the March edition of BB, which was published on 17 February – so she was seen for the first time in all three main titles in the space of less than four weeks. What an entrance!

Spick  -  51

Span  -  42, 44, 45, X3

Beautiful Britons  -  29, 33

Holiday Special  -  2