Maureen Carson     

Also known as  -  Laura Mason

Maureen Carson

Maureen was a top model in her day, a pretty London girl, with huge, alluring eyes, from Streatham (or Tooting) in the south-west of the city.

Once established in the job, she turned to TV commercials – a very lucrative sideline for actors and models then, as it is now.

Maureen wasn’t seen very often, which is a great shame. Like so many of the other girls who were only seen a handful of times, she had all it took to be a ToCo regular. After her first couple of features in the early ‘60s, she wasn’t seen again for more than a decade, showing up in BB 204 in late ’72. In a way, the reappearance is an excellent demonstration of what happened in the UK in the interim – and why ToCo had been handed its death sentence; in her final two features, she is blatantly and proudly topless, flaunting a pair of chewable nipples that could put your eyes out.

Staples was doing his best to keep up with the times − but times had changed, and by then, for anyone who had seen the on-stage frontal nudity of the musical Hair, a bare pair of tits was about as magnetic and exciting as watching the current English cricket team at work. Perhaps it would have better if he had not tried to go with the flow; stood his ground and proclaimed that naked knockers could be seen every lunchtime in Hyde Park – but when was the last time you had a good ogle up a mini, chaps? When did a girl last deliberately tease you with a view of a straining suspender disappearing under flimsy nylon knickers?

Now that was and, judging by the level of traffic to this site, still is the stuff dreams are made of.

Personal details  -  37-23-36

Appearances  -  4, debut Spick 84 (November 1960)

Spick  -  84

Span  -  85

Beautiful Britons  -  204, 232