Margaret Lee

Also known as  -  Margaret Box

Margaret Box

One day a pert brunette from Catford, not far from ToCo’s home town of Croydon, caught the attention of the company spies. She was already established as a professional model hoping to end up on the big screen, and was quickly snaffled up to join the ranks of the many amateurs in the Spick and Span stables.

She was not heart-stoppingly pretty, with thick, dark eyebrows and an imposing, almost haughty, look about her, but she had a fantastic pair of legs and was featured in the June 1960 edition of Spick. The next month she was on the cover of Spick 80, back again in the Spick Winter Extra and back on the cover again in the January 1961 edition.

More than four years was to pass before we see her again. And when we do, in the summer of 1965, she has undergone a complete transformation.  She is now a beautiful, eye-catching blonde working under the name of Margaret Lee, a persona she retains for the rest of her career. Gone are the wide-eyed Lisa Minelli gazes of the poppet from Catford; now there is a sultry, blonde Marilyn Monroe bombshell who is making it big in Rome and appearing in her first film there, The Widow. The ugly duckling had turned into the beautiful sawn.

As picture editor Robin Brewster put it in his caption of the title for the sequence in Beautiful Britons 115, who’d have thought it?

Personal details  -  Born 1948       37-25-37

Appearances  -  15, debut Spick 79 (June 1960)

Spick  -  79, 80, 86, 139(bc), 140, 157, X12

Span  -  128, 129, 131, 138(bc), 255, 266

Beautiful Britons  -  115, 134