Margaret Doherty

One of the very early models, Margaret was a delicious Irish colleen from Killarney in County Kerry. She came to London to work as a nurse.

She was one of the relatively few girls in the 25+ years of the ToCo mags to be seen wearing a girdle, most memorably in a great series with a Jaguar sports car in Funfare 8. They were still worn by many girls in the mid-to-late 60s, so the paucity of girdle photos doesn’t really fit in with ToCo’s mission to reflect fashion through its lifetime. That’s rather strange. Because I would estimate that about 25% of the girls of my own age I knew between 1960 and 1965 or so wore girdles – and, of course, a much higher percentage of women in their 30s and over. Maybe picture editors Staples and Brewster didn’t like them. Shame on them both. I never met a girl who wore a basque (a la Sophie Loren in The Millionairess), yet Spick and Span are full of them. She was also seen on one single photo wearing a gymslip; not really surprised there aren’t more – it didn’t work at all.

The blurb about her in Beautiful Britons Extra reveals another change since those days apart from fashion trends. The usage of the word ‘gay’. It had no connotations with homosexuality in those days – it just meant carefree or brightly coloured, as in the “gay bikini” she was bearing. Not quite sure how that would be interpreted in modern parlance.

Personal details  -  38-25-36

Appearances  -  10, debut Span 19

Spick  -  44, 57, X1

Span  -  19, 28, 44

Beautiful Britons  -  24, X3, X5

Funfare  -  8