Manja Peruccia

Manja Peruccia

Manja was one of those models who was a ToCo exclusive, a very pretty girl who modestly denied any such claim. She came from Vienna in Austria – home of Beethoven and loved by Mozart, but this student ballerina preferred the Rolling Stones– but lived in Germany (West Germany, note) where she worked in an office, to supplement her student grant presumably, until she could find a ballet company that would take her on.

Manja had a natural ease about posing and was enchanting rather than gerr-‘em-off sexy. She played around with her hair colour a bit and, like many European girls of her era, was seen in a couple of sequences with armpits that needed attention.

Same we saw so little of her.

Appearances  -  8, debut BB 62 (December 1960)

Spick  -  X13, X14

Span  -  98, 241, X12, X13, X14

Beautiful Britons  -  62