Lynn Remmer

Lynn Remmer

Lynn was a Yorkshire lass, a secretary about to leave college when she modelled for ToCo.

She had a genuine girl-next-door air about her, chestnut hair and long, long legs. Although she modelled in the mid-1970s, long after the mini made tights de rigeur, she was always seen wearing stockings. Picture editor Brewster says she borrowed the stockings and suspender belt from her mum − and another set for her friend Sandra Pullan − for some stunning indoor and outdoor sequences.

The photographer, like many of a certain age, seems to have had a thing about gymslips and black stockings. He produced solo shots of Lynn in her old school uniform, and duo sets with Sandra.

Lynn enjoyed tennis, netball, swimming and riding. As it happens, Sandra loved riding too. Perhaps that’s where they met and one of them said to the other, “look, I make a few quid doing a bit of modelling for this bloke who likes to take photos of me flashing my knickers. Nothing really dirty. Just a bit of fun, you know. Fancy coming along?” Can’t help wondering what their mums and dads must have said – after all, they were only 17 and 19.

Lynn and her friend Sandra were seen only five time, all within months of each other. The entire ToCo house of cards was to tumble down within two years of their arrival on the scene. What a great pity they weren’t born ten years earlier – we might have had a Yorkshire competitor to the Nicola Taylor and Marie Graham glamour duo.

Personal details  -  Born 1958

Appearances  -  5, debut Beautiful Britons 228 (November 1974)

Spick  -  253, 255

Span  -  243, 247

Beautiful Britons  -  228