Lowra Bruni

Lowra Bruni

Lowra was a raven-aired beauty of Italian extraction. She was born in Rome but, thankfully for us, was dragged to England by her parents. She ended up as a housewife in Brighton, where she enjoyed cycling, horse-riding, swimming, water-skiing  and skin diving – so she was as athletic as her good friend Ingrid Norsman, with whom she appeared in duo shoots.

She preferred sheer stockings to stretch tights but was seen with Ingrid wearing both. There is a stunning set in Spick & Span Extra 44 that is worthy of some comment. Actually, more of an historical aside and a meander down memory lane with the author.

That magazine was published in the Autumn of 1972, only five years or so after the appearance of Mary Quant’s miniskirt, which necessitated the invention of tights; without them every girl in the UK at that time was an unpaid Spick and Span model. Believe me. There was a wonderful interim period when skirts were getting shorter almost by the day, but girls were still wearing stockings and suspenders. I used to ride the Circle Line of London’s underground for hours – it was a living, breathing ToCo mag with an infinite number of pages. Sorry, got quite carried away there. So, when tights arrived, girls got dressed in the same order they always had – suspender belt, stockings, knickers. So they ended up wearing their knickers over their tights – just as Lowra and Ingrid do in that set. Not quite sure when that changed, but I still find the old order much more erotic.

Then a truly dreadful thing happened. Quite a number of my girlfriends used to wear a girdle to hold their stockings up and their tummies in. And with the arrival of the mini, they were doomed – the chubbier ones, built more for comfort than speed, were very self-conscious about their tummies bulging under their tights. And somebody invented the pantiegirdle, the modern-day chastity belt! Horror of horrors! That meant three layers of underwear to cope with – and many a sprained finger ligament as a result. It also meant three layers of nylon encasing their naughty bits.

Anyway, both Lowra and Ingrid seemed to delight in displaying both their tights and stockings to our eager eyes, trying to pretend they loved twanging a girl’s suspenders almost as much as we did. Wonder what they would think of us sitting in a corner and drooling.

Personal details  -  None

Appearances  -  6, debut Span 213 (May 1972)

Spick  - 224, 225(bc)

Span  -  213

Beautiful Britons  -  199, 205

Spick & Span Extra  -  44