Liz Harvey

Liz was a happily-married, shapely brunette with big brown eyes who came from Dorset. She was almost definitely a Ken Howard girl and did shoots on her own but also some memorable duo sequences with gorgeous ex-Miss UK Marilyn Ward.

She was said to be a sales assistant and “ex-model” − how can she be “ex” if she’s appearing in a ToCo magazine? Another Brewster howler. But she also made it to the silver screen; she auditioned for and got a small part in the Albert Finney 1960s classic film Tom Jones. She was very sporty and loved skating, surfing, dancing and horses – both riding them and betting on them.

Although the blurb in one mag said she boasted a 37-inch chest, there is a topless pic of her in Spick & Span Extra 50 in Spring 74 (when topless was definitely here to stay) that shows her with a tape measure round her boobs claiming to prove she had 40 inches. Methinks she was cheating – or had a very broad back.

Personal detail  -  37-24-37

Appearances  -  17, debut Span 170 (October 1968)

Spick  -  180(bc), 221, 248, 256, 258

Span  -  170, 205, 257, 262(bc)

Beautiful Britons  -  156, 164, 198, 200, 233, 236

Spick & Span Extra  -  29, 50