Lisa Shannon       

Also known as  -  Trudi Scott, Trudi Eyres, Trudi Carstairs, Angela Duncan

Of all the girls seen in the ToCo era, Lisa Shannon was undoubtedly the most voluptuous. The big boobs, narrow waist, fecund hips and long legs were an invitation to carnal bliss. Her come-to-bed eyes and seductive smile gave a promise that the invitation was well worth accepting.

She was, in fact, my first encounter with a pussy. A hot-flush, adrenalin rush that came from leafing through a copy of Health and Efficiency, locked safely away in a school lavatory. There she was. Stark bollock naked, smiling as if she were enjoying a fully-dressed stroll in the countryside and with not a trace of embarrassment that her pillow-like breasts were the object of possibly hundreds of thousands of ogling men’s lust, an un-retouched and shaven pussy that burned itself onto my retina. For a long time I thought women actually didn’t have pubic hair.

I received numerous reminders of that experience for decades afterwards as she kept showing up in magazines such as Search, Relate, Terrific, Range, Mayfair, Smooth Satin, Nylon Flash et al, sometimes with an equally desirable friend but usually alone. And always with a smooth pussy.

With this pedigree, despite her many appearances in all four main titles, it is obvious she was not a ToCo exclusive – and definitely not the girl next door that you would bring home to tea with mum.

Which makes the Spick and Span photo captions more than usually absurd: “an interpreter for

French, German and Dutch tourists, Lisa also speaks French, Italian and Spanish.”  Sure. And she also does Greek.

Personal details  -  Born c. 1943    40-23-37

Appearances  -  16, debut Spick 108 (November 1962)

Spick  -  108, 121, 240, 260, 261, 264

Span  -  195(bc), 196

Beautiful Britons  -  181, 200, 219, 222, 238

Spick & Span Extra  -  49, 56, 58