Linda Groom  

Also known as  -  Linda Ward, Linda Broom

Linda Groom

Linda is another of those quintessential Spick and Span girls about whom ToCo tells us very little.

Robin Brewster informs us she came from Bournemouth (so she was almost certainly a Ken Howard find), was a secretary-receptionist (dreaming of stardom) and was 19 years old when she appeared in Span 109. But we don’t need him to tell us that she had a pretty face, loooong legs, a biteable bum and a sensational figure.

In her 18 appearances, she is seen in the usual stockings and suspenders (de rigeur for ToCo girls – about 85% of all the photos in these mags feature them) but also in the dreaded directoire knickers (a gift from her grandma according to Brewster in Span 110. Why should a grandma want to give a 19-year-old a pair of DKs, also known as ‘passion killers’ in those days?), and just a hint of St. Trinian’s when was wears a straw boater in a couple of shoots (no gymslip or navy blue knickers – boohoo!). She wears one more item of girlie undies in Span 116 – a pair of garters.

English tutorial time. This is one of those words that has different meanings on either side of the Atlantic. In the UK, garters are what Linda is wearing in that shoot – a ring of elastic that goes round the leg to hold up stockings (or schoolboy socks, when lads wore short trousers until they were twelve or so). They are a very ancient piece of clothing, worn by both ladies and gentlemen at least as early as the 14th century. In the US, however, garters are what we know as suspenders; and the item of clothing from which they are suspendered – sorry, suspended – they call a garter belt. In the UK we have both garter belts (with the length of elastic going round the waist being the same material, colour and the width as the waistbandbits that suspend the stockings) and suspender belts (the waistband is much deeper, of a different material and design from the suspenders, and usually non-elastic, with elastic suspenders hanging from it). Got it?

 Personal details  -  Born 1944       37-23-37

 Appearances  -  19, debut Spick 117 (August 1963 – also Anne Scott’s debut)

 Spick  -  117, 119, 120, 121(bc), 126, 218, 250, 251

Span  -  109, 110, 111, 116, 157, 163, 224

Beautiful Britons  -  95, 194, 203

Spick & Span Extra  -  42