Lamorna Lea

Lamorna Lea

Lamorna was a lovely honey-blonde from Cheltenham.

Picture editor Marjorie Smith introduces her to us in Funfare 5:  “she’s not a professional model, but she sure is a popular one. She’s been cover-girl for a whole host of glossy pin-up magazines and she’s won so many beauty competitions that we’ve given up trying to keep count of her laurels”.  One of those triumphs was making the finals of Miss Las Vegas 1957. Not bad for a cheeky cherub from respectable Cheltenham.

That magazine is an example of the ToCo recruiting campaign mentioned several times elsewhere to find the sort of model readers demanded – the amateur girl-next-door, rather than showgirls and professional knicker flashers. “Tell us about yourself,” says Marjorie Smith. “Enclose a photograph and we’ll guarantee to answer your letter and publish the photographs if it’s up to technical standards.”

Also mentioned elsewhere is the embarrassing number of gargantuan cockups ToCo made – to be more precise, that Brewster or Staples made, and probably when they got back from the pub after lunch. Funfare 5 was published in May 1958. But the masthead on the inside cover is dated May 1948!

Lovely Lamorna was snaffled up by a Welshman and married and settled down in Wales. And that’s about all we know about her.

But members with a thing about the big knickers girls used to wear in the ToCo era (or maybe just a good memory) will love the mouth-watering sequence of Lamorna in Span Extra 2 (Summer 1958). She has her back to you, looking over her shoulder with a “so what do you think?” grin, showing the wonderful expanse of nylon over her bum, stretching from the bottom of her cheeks (or should that be the cheeks of her bottom?) to well above her waist. Oh Sloggi devotees – you don’t know what you’re missing! There is also a pair of photos showing Lamorna engaged in the everyday activity (then) of attaching s suspender clip to a stocking top. You can keep your gynaecological porn, innocent but erotic stuff like that does it for me every time.

Personal details  -  36-24-37

Appearances  -  14, debut Spick 53 (April 1958)

Spick  -  53, 55

Span  -  X2, X4

Beautiful Britons  -  33, 39, 42, 48, X6, X8

Funfare  -  5, 24(bc), 25

66  -  33