Kay de Lisle

Kay was a tall, Dorset housewife from Bournemouth, so undoubtedly one of Ken Howard’s girls. Although not stunningly pretty, nor over-endowed in the mammary department, she was the archetypical ToCo girl – she was natural, genuine, could well have been your neighbour and she knew how to get your juices running.

She was always nicely dressed – and even more nicely undressed – and was seen in both stockings and tights, looking equally sumptuous in both. But whatever she wore, her huge grin and bubbling personality exude from the page and you can’t take your eyes off her. An absolute delight.

Personal details  -  5ft 8in  (173cm)

Appearances  -  9, debut Span 231 (October 1972)

Spick  -  233

Span  -  218, 231

Beautiful Britons  -  204, 222, 240, 248

Spick & Span Extra  -  53, 60