June Russell

June was one of the most ubiquitous British photographic models of her day, whose brown eyes and great figure appeared in a plethora of girlie mags beyond the ToCo horizon. Her fees were £1/1s (a guinea – so much more upmarket than one pound one shilling, don’t you think?) for “pin-up, figure, portrait, glamour, etc” (now what could the “etc” mean, I wonder) and two guineas for advertising and fashion for the first hour and the “etc” rate thereafter.

She was one of Harrison Marks’ regulars and made here first appearance for him in Kamera 12 when she appeared with him on page 2. She subsequently appeared on the cover of Kamera No.16 and further images were reproduced in No.19 and the much later issue No.39. She also appeared on the 9 x 7 inch front cover of the first issue of  'Femme', published in 1958. (Credit for this info goes to another blogger).

She came from Sutton in Surrey and, having been a performer in the Bournemouth aqua show, had vague aspirations for acting and showbiz. But, as picture editor Robin Brewster writes in her debut appearance for him in Span 31, though she had just been discovered then, money was flowing as the “top photographers were rushing to slap her in front of a camera” – could have been worded better, eh?

Personal details  -  Born late 1938            36-22-36          5ft 5in (1.65m)

Appearances  -  12, debut Span 31 (March 1957)

Spick  -  42, 43, 51, 270

Span  -  31, 41

Beautiful Britons  -  19, X1, X3

Spick & Span Holiday  -  1

Spick & Span Annual  -  2

Fanfare  -  2