Julie Mitchell

Julie was a pretty, dark-blonde student from the Midlands with a passion for English, history and maths. She was at teacher training college when she did her ToCo modelling.

Which was just after the advent of the mini and the inevitable transition from stockings to tights – but, boy, did she do them justice. Her thighs were quite powerful and stretched beautifully that horrible crepe nylon that early tights were made from. In recent years, ‘silky look’ tights have resurrected the heady tactile sensation of running your hands up and down a pair of legs to the extent that even stockings fans can live with them. So they should not deplore the fact that Julie wore tights in all the shoots I have seen of her.

So stunning were her legs that ToCo claimed she held the world record for wearing the microest of minis. Indeed, in some of the shots of her, it would be impossible for her not to flash her knickers just by breathing in and out.

She also dabbled with the merest hint of school uniform by putting on a striped tie in some sequences. But they are not particularly enticing − you can never get much further than those face-squashing thighs.

Personal details  -  Born ca. 1953

Appearances  -  10, debut Spick 220 (March 1972)

Spick  -  220

Span  -  213, 215, 245

Beautiful Britons  -  201, 206, 217, 224

Spick & Span Extra  -  59, 60