Joan Paul

Born in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, Joan was proof that you don’t need a pair of barrage balloons like those of stupendous Suzie Sparks to make it as a model. A well-proportioned figure, a pair of good legs and the bottle to show your naughty bits to anyone who can be bothered to look can also do the trick.

She was very definitely another loan from the Harrison Marks stable, as evidenced by the typical shaved nude studies – very non-ToCo – at his famous location of Ewhurst Manor (fictitious house name to make the glamour even more posh and glamorous – the postal address was actually 37 Furzehill Road) in Borehamwood. But, potential lurkers, don’t waste your time prowling for it – it was demolished in 1970.

Yes, Joan was most definitely one of those glamour models who crossed the line from “artistic” nude poses to flashed knickers and stockings and suspender pin-ups − Harrison Marks one day and Parade or Spick the next. She didn’t care, provided the cheque turned up.

She was said to live in Chelsea, liked swimming and sunbathing and worked originally as an office typist until someone suggested modelling – give the man a medal. The psychedelic dress she wears in the Beautiful Britons shoots is typical 1967 – the directoire knickers she is also seen in are definitely not.

Personal details  -  Born ca. 1940              34-23-36

Appearances  -  21, debut Beautiful Britons 142 (September 1967)

Spick  -  169(bc), 170(bc), 172, 202, 208(bc), 248, 253

Span  -  166, 182(bc), 190, 208, 224, 240, 253(bc), 264

Beautiful Britons  -  142, 146, 149, 184

Spick & Span Extra  -  32, 33