Jenny Spencer 

Also know as  -  Penny Brahms

An attractive, honey-blonde girl with hazel eyes who lived in Hampshire. Jenny designed her own clothes, loved horses, drove a sports car and collected tropical fish (now there’s a new one – picture editor Robin Brewster must have been getting desperate).

I’ve always felt she was kind of awkward and stiff in her appearances. None of the flamboyance and sheer enjoyment of being a little bit naughty for the boys that seemed to come naturally to Nicola Taylor. Fashion model poses combined with a little knicker-flashing sleaze just didn’t work – Ken Howard pretending to be David Bailey.

Personal details  -  37-21-35

Appearances  -  14, debut Spick 152 (April 1967)

Spick  -  152, 196

Span  -  152(bc), 181, 183(bc), 196, 197, 236, 249

Beautiful Britons  -  133, 135, 167

Spick & Span Extra  -  33, X51