Jennifer Trueman    

Sometimes given as Truman

Jennifer came from Surrey, the county on the south side of the Thames in the London area. She was a petite, not to say tiny, brunette who worked as a clerk by day but spent most of her spare time as a photographic model. She stayed trim by swimming and ballroom dancing, the latter of which brought her a collection of medals.

Jennifer was one of the ToCo girls who epitomised the house style – she was indeed a very girl-next-door type. She had a great figure, good legs and pert bottom.

Personal details  -  Born 1938       36-22-34          5ft 1in (1.55m)

Appearances  -  6, debut Span 38 (October 1957)

Spick  -  49, 54

Span  -  38, 50

Beautiful Britons  -  26

Spick & Span Annual  -  2