Jennifer Taylor

Full name  -  Jennifer April Ann Taylor

Jenifer was a “gorgeously feminine” housewife from Bristol, but is said to have spent some of her time living on a farm in Gloucestershire in the West Country. With twenty-some appearances and a place in the Top Twenty, she was one of the regulars at that stage of ToCo history – and I have never seen her in any other publication.

She was leggy, busty (though ToCo’s declaration that they are 39 inches seems mere wishful thinking) and had long, flowing, dark tresses. She also had a very inviting smile and come-to-bed eyes − in fact she was another of those girls who looked like she got a kick out of being such a naughty girl for so blatantly showing you her stocking tops, suspenders and knickers.

But as she modelled in the early ‘70s, she also wore tights – and, like Marie Graham and Nicola Taylor, even the tights hater brigade will have to admit she made them an invitation to tactile delight. She also had a go at the schoolgirl thing but couldn’t really engender that St. Trinian’s sauciness – perhaps because the uniform she wore was a collection of items of clothing just thrown together, either by herself or the photographer, and fell far short of the mark; it takes more than a pair of white knee socks and a tie.

As her era was the last five years or so of ToCo’s existence, she also “gets them out” for us – and very nice they are too, though hardly 39 inches of pneumatic bliss. Getting some of the girls to discard their bras is another example of the company’s desperate last-ditch scramble to try and survive the onslaught of the much more explicit competitors that had appeared on the bookshelves of the corner shop.

ToCo seemed to want to portray her as an athletic tomboy who enjoyed a run round the farm before breakfast and loved climbing trees. I’d have been the first to give her a leg-up – and be right behind her to enjoy the view. Of the West Country, of course.

Personal details  -  Born 1949       39-25-36

Appearances  -  20. She first appeared in the October 1970 editions of Spick and Beautiful Britons, but as BB was published on the 17th of the preceding month and Spick on the 20th, her debut must be registered as BB 179.

Spick  -  203, 204, 206, 208

Span  -  197(bc), 198, 200(bc), 203, 207, 208(bc), 227(bc), 238

Beautiful Britons  -  179, 181, 182, 183, 190, 207

Spick & Span Extra  -  37, 39