Jeanette Bonner


Jeanette Bonner

Jeanette was a stunningly attractive housewife from Kent, the county of the UK forever known as The Garden of England. She was well aware that she lived in a beautiful part of the world and loved every minute of it. As she explained, she relished being far from “the traumatic vibrations of crowded city life”. And she preferred to get around the lanes of rural Kent in the saddle – and she didn’t much care whether the saddle was on a bike or a horse. 

Jeanette was one of the finds to emerge from the ToCo appeal to amateur photographers to submit photos of their wives or girlfriends – and be paid two guineas (two pounds two shillings in pre-decimal money) for their trouble. And, if you were lucky enough, the thrill of seeing yourself on the front cover – as she did in Span 88. As picture editor Robin Brewster explains in Spick 97, “Jeanette is her husband’s favourite pin-up, and her husband is Jeanette’s favourite photographer”.

Personal details  -  None

Appearances  -  10, debut Span 85 (September 1961)

Spick  -  96, 97, 103, 120, 126, 134

Span  -  85, 88

Beautiful Britons  -  73, 236