Jean Stewart            

Jean Stewart

Also known as  -   Alison McKenzie

Jean was one of the prettiest of the Scottish clan of Toco beauties that arrived in the mid-’60s. A Glasgow short-hand typist and salesgirl by day and an expert ice-skater at other times, she also had a taste for delicious underwear and seemed not at all abashed at showing it to us.

Hands up those who recognise the bathroom in the set from Span 131? Yes, of course – it’s the old letch Fullarton’s on display yet again with yet another pretty girl stripped down to her knickers pretending to have a quick wash down. But we know what was going on, don’t we?

Personal details  -  Born 1945       37-23-36

Appearances  -  7, debut Span 118 (June 1964)

Spick  -  140

Span  -  118, 131, 139, 188

Beautiful Britons  -  198

Spick & Span Extra  -  33