Janet Neill

One of the early ToCo models, making her debut just two years after the first edition of Spick hit the newsagents’ shelves. She seemed to have opened the floodgates for girls from Ayrshire in Scotland who were seemingly more than willing to flash their stocking tops and knickers at us. Wonder if they still feel like that.

Janet came from Saltcoats, had fabulous long legs and a vivacious personality that comes right off the page. She was said to be a dental receptionist who loved immersing herself in a good book.

Although she came onto the scene almost a decade before the Bearsden-Fullarton era, she did some classic duo sequences with Vicki Campbell that may have inspired Fullarton later. Or perhaps it was the man himself earning his spurs for later glory − the skipping rope shoots, the stepladder wallpaper-hanging farce and the directoire knickers all have his fingerprints all over them.

Personal Details  -  Born 1938

Appearances  -  18, debut Span 21 (May 1956)

Spick  -  54, 56

Span  -  21, 25, 30, 54, 59

Beautiful Britons  -  9, 11, 26, 30, 83, Extra 4 57Win, Extra 8 58Win, Extra 9 59Spring

Spick & Span Extra  -  4 56Aut, 5 56Win

Funfare  -  23