Jackie Taylor 

Jackie Taylor (10).jpg

Also known as  -  Jackie Owen, Jenny Taylor, Jenny Miles, Jenny Miller and Jenny Freeman

When she started modelling for ToCo, Jackie was a newly-married girl and trainee office clerk from Ilford in Essex (or from Middlesex) with a broad taste in music, ranging from pop to classical and modern jazz. She had fabulous, long legs that really displayed stockings well. And fully fashioned stockings were still popular in 1968, when she wore them in Beautiful Britons 157, as they are indeed today – but seldom seen nowadays outside the bedroom. Jackie’s legs looked fabulous in a pair of Charnos, as they did in non-seamed mesh knits and even tights.

She was a genuine ‘girl-next-door’ dolly, with flashing eyes and a beaming smile. In some shoots (the one of her on a swing in Span 163, for example) she could look really sweet and gorgeous but in others (at the Embankment and what might be the Essex coast) she looks more angular and reveals slightly buck teeth. Anyway, she always seemed to get a kick out of flashing her knickers at us, so her incisors pale into insignificance.

With so many appearances to her name, she is another mystifying instance of ToCo being coy with personal details – no age, no vital statistics, no height.

Appearances  -  31, debut Beautiful Britons 133 (December 1966)

Spick  -  175(bc), 191(bc), 197, 239, 252

Span  -  155(bc), 163(bc), 168(bc), 179, 190(bc)?, 197(bc), 201(bc), 208, 254, 261

Beautiful Britons  -  133, 135, 141, 146, 149, 151, 157, 169, 186, 195, 202, 218, 239

Spick & Span Extra  -  23, 36, 52