Ingrid Norsman

Ingrid was a green-eyed blonde from Bournemouth  in Hampshire (or the Cotswolds, depending on which of the blurbs you’d rather believe) – a fan of country and western music and dog breeding. She had enticing, long legs and a bewitching smile that sent more than a hint of being a very naughty girl given half a chance.

She did some heart-stopping skirt-lifting and suspender-tugging  duo shoots with Lowra Bruni. But still and all, as our American friends say, a bit silly. One is tempted to add a balloon to the photo of Ingrid in the woods lifting her skirt in front of a kneeling Lowra that says, “Oh give me a break, love. I’ve got one of those too.”

The photos almost date themselves. Ingrid and her friend Lowra, both drop-dead gorgeous, made their first appearance in 1970, when tights had firmly established themselves and stockings were relegated to the back of the second drawer down in the dressing table. ToCo tried, as always, to reflect the change in fashion but stockings and suspenders were de rigeur for their models, so they are seen in both. Snap went the suspenders, snap went the camera.

Ken Howard at his best.

Personal details  -  Born 1950  -  35-22-34

Appearances  -  17, debut Spick 203 (October 1970)

Spick  -  203, 205, 224, 225(bc), 257

Span  -  212(bc), 217, 258

Beautiful Britons  -  178, 205, 224, 237, 239, 248

Spick & Span Extra  -  44, 56, 57