Helen Candlish


Helen Candlish

Helen was one of the most adorable models in the first half of the ToCo era. She appeared in solo and duo shoots in all three main titles and Funfare. Yet the only crumb of information we are given about her is that she came from Ayrshire – which would suggest she was one of photographer Fullarton’s Beasden Beauties; pretty much confirmed by the regularity with which she was seen in directoire knickers (Fullarton’s favourite fetish), the famous rocking horse (many a biteable bum sat on that) and the rather silly outdoor goings-on with a friend (Jean Dee).

She was the epitome of prettiness of her time – the hairdo and undies will bring back many fond memories for a certain age group. There aren’t many photos of Helen without a beaming smile and she seemed to love what she was doing in front of the camera. Her fantastic legs showed off her fully-fashioned nylons to perfection.

Helen is another ToCo enigma. She featured in the magazines for 13 years (with some of the sets being bought and published by the SRA (Search, Relate, Accord – see elsewhere on this site) Group, yet made only 16 appearances in all that time. That we didn’t see more of her – or hear more about her – is something of a mystery. Did she fall out with Mr Fullarton perhaps?

Personal details  -  None

Appearances  -  16, debut Funfare 39 (March 1961)

Spick  -  89, 91, 101, 109, 139, 246

Span  -  84, 201

Beautiful Britons  -  59, 65, 69, 77, 156

Spick & Span Extra  -  36, 49

Funfare  -  39