Hazel Shaw

Hazel Shaw

Hazel was a married Scottish model who lived on Clydeside and who featured regularly in ToCo publications in the late ‘50s to mid ‘60s. She was credited with being a secretary who loved wild flowers, captain of her school netball team and all-round athlete, specialising in the 100 metres. She was also said to be a yellow-belt exponent of judo – that is the third rung on the ladder, so not exactly the “expert” that ToCo’s picture editor Robin Brewster claims. There is a set of her on the mat in Spick 124; personally, I would have preferred to see her doing battle in her knickers, stockings and suspender belt rather than her judo togs – and with me as her opponent.

A Fullarton girl – as clearly evidenced by the directoire knickers she and her stable mates were coerced to wear for the camera (more likely for the photographer), the familiar fireplace in his sitting room, the garage and Vauxhall, and the oft-used pushchair and pram (see also Ros Stuart and Cherry Lennox). Added to that, there is another giveaway – there are unpublished photos of her where Fullarton has persuaded her to remove a bit more than ToCo models usually did. He managed to persuade quite a number of the Bearsden clan to do that – for personal distraction in the darkroom perhaps.

Bouffant blonde Hazel is just about the only model for whom ToCo provided sundry personal details, with the blurb accompanying her photo in Span 262 consisting of nothing else.

Personal details  -  Born 1944       blue eyes         36-23-36

Appearances  -  28, debut Beautiful Britons 93 (August 1963), just three days before here appearance in Spick 117 on the 20th of the same month.

Beautiful Britons  -  93, 97, 100, 120, 155, 187, 232

Spick  -  117, 124, 195, 208, 220, 221, 224, 233, 246, 247

Span  -  109, 112, 127, 154, 177, 184, 203, 262

Spick & Span  -  14, 40