Greta Berry

Greta was a clerk in the sales office of a marine (engineering or insurance?) company in Bournemouth, therefore likely to be a Ken Howard girl – certainly the wallpaper is familiar; as are the drawn curtains, a sure sign this was on-the-cheap naughty pics stuff going on in a sitting room of respectable suburbia – and there are few places more respectable than Bournemouth .

She is said to have loved pop music; well, she had to really – her boyfriend was a bass guitarist in a pop group (that’s what we used to call a band, kiddies).

Not exactly a raving beauty, Greta did have a certain something; nice legs, an enchanting smile and a sense of want-to-see-my-knickers fun about her.

Personal details  -  Born 1955

Appearances  -  13, debut Beautiful Britons 184 (March 1971)

Spick  -  212, 265

Span  -  199, 202, 215, 255

Beautiful Britons  -  184, 185, 188, 195, 241

Spick & Span Extra  -  39, 41