Georgina Moore

Although she didn’t make that many appearances in ToCo, Georgina is worthy of entry into these pages as she an interesting oddity.

She was a London showgirl, singer and actress from Streatham who toured South Africa with the Folies Bergere company. But that is not what makes her unique.

It is rumoured that Italian painter Pietro Annigoni used Georgina as a stand in for Queen Elizabeth when he painted his now-famous portrait of her in 1956. That is completely wrong – it was for his portrait of Princess Margaret. But he, at least, denied it.

Personal details  -  36-22-36          Born 1939

Appearances  -  5, appeared in Spick 41 and Beautiful Britons 18 of April 1957. But BB hit the streets first, so that is registered as her debut.

Spick  -  41, 42

Span  -  44, X3

Beautiful Britons  -  18