Fiona Stuart


Fiona Stuart

Fiona was sister to the equally glamorous Sara Stuart, two of the loveliest of the Bearsden girls. She is described as a fashion model (like her friend Vicky Munro, with whom she took part in a pillow fight in Beautiful Britons 112).

She had a beautiful face, breathtaking figure and goooorgeous legs. It is beyond belief that we didn’t see more of her than we did – she was a Spick and Span natural – and frustrating that we were told so little about her.

She will also go down in the records as the model seen most often sporting a girdle, which she did to perfection.

Personal details  - None

Appearances  -  10, debut Spick 126 (May 1964)

Spick  -  126, 262

Span  -  122, 141, 198

Beautiful Britons  -  98, 112, 117, 221, 248