Eva Holmberg

Swedish girl from Stockholm, living in London. University graduate who speaks five languages and hopes to be an interpreter. She has legs that go all the way to the top. With her jet black tresses, she looks more Italian than Scandinavian. Her debut is listed here as being Beautiful Britons 165 from August 1969, but she also appeared in and was cover girl of Spick 189 from the same month. However Beautiful Britons was published on the 17th of the month and Spick on the 20th, so Beautiful Britons takes the credit by three days.

Personal  -  35-22-35,     5ft 5in     (1.65m)

Appearances  -  4, debut Beautiful Britons 165 (August 1969)

Spick  -  189, 199

Span  -  SN183

Beautiful Britons  -  165